New, sustainable fusible eco coating patented!!

Developed by Kufner and now patented: a new fusible coating that consists almost entirely of natural and renewable raw materials. Kufner has thus set a milestone towards a completely sustainable coating solution.

The basis for this is a water-based paste with a completely new material composition made from up to 99% renewable raw materials. The raw materials for this consist largely of by-products from the food and paper industries, combined with the addition of other natural carbon derivatives. And thus meet the “No Oil – No Food – Only Waste” development target for the optimum saving of valuable natural resources.

And, of course, the new eco coating offers identical fusing conditions and the same reliable adhesion as the classic, proven Kufner coatings.

The new sustainable eco coating is currently available exclusively on the items in our naturals collection, a full range of products made from natural, renewable raw materials.

With the development of the new eco coating, Kufner has taken another significant step closer to a declared sustainability goal: the conversion of the product range to 70% Fully Sustainable Products by 2025!